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Space Clearing and Griding of Property

Space Clearing Has Two Specific Objectives:

  1. To clean and clear stagnant energy and spiritual clutter that has accumulated over time.

  2. To fill the clean empty space with increased and higher frequency energy that will support all that you desire for your home or business. The vibration of your spaces will be higher and will feel fresh, renewed, radiant and welcoming. Everything will be lighter and brighter.

When Does Your Spaces Need Clearing?

Space clearing greatly enhances any Feng Shui or other changes you may be planning for your home or business.    Space clearing can be done at any time, yet there are particular moments when it is especially important to clear and bless your near environment.


  • Clearing the energetic patterns of behavior and the fortunes and misfortunes of previous occupants will allow your new space to be positively aligned and infused with your own energy, intentions, and traditions.

  • During periods of reoccurring, frequent, or extended illness: The Qi or energy in your body is influenced by the quality of energy in your home or workplace and vice versa. The energy field of your near environment can reflect and sustain the vibrational pattern of an illness, depression, or compromised immune system, reinforcing the condition in your body. Space clearing creates a higher, stronger, and clear energy frequency that supports personal recovery and health.

  • After misfortune: It is absolutely essential that space clearing be done after illness, divorce, death, arguments, accidents, or the departure of an unpleasant visitor to facilitate a timely release of any residual emotions, pain, suffering, and sorrow. It can literally clear the air of stagnant, unhealthy, negative or unhappy energy so you can begin anew.

  • The Law of Vibration applies to all things... sound, colors... the cells in our body... the food we eat... everything...

The world of frequencies

Living in a world of frequencies and vibration... or energy... we are part of the whole system. Every cell of our body vibrates – everything has its optimal frequency


Optimal frequency is when all is in order - when we are in balance, our vibration is in unison with the law of vibration - when we are in tune and each cell of our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to...


Our thoughts are vibrations, too – we can change our perception by changing our frequency. Our thoughts can change our personal world.  How difficult it is to live with depression, headaches or chronic fatigue?...


When we look at these conditions - from an energy point of view - we can re-balance our body frequencies - and feel good.  The state of ‘balance’ is achieved when we are synchronized with the frequencies of our natural health state and our environment.


Stagnant energy accumulates through repetitive, restrictive thought patterns.  Areas where unadvised spiritualistic rituals have been conducted can also accumulate large amounts of negative, stagnant energy quickly.


We have all walked into homes and/or business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable as if there had just been an argument in that space. You might even feel flu like symptoms in certain places or like there is someone looking at you or standing behind you. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent homes or apartments because we don’t like the way we "feel" when we are in them.

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