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Dona Strong


Is a Reiki Master Teacher and works under the lineage of Usui Reiki. Dona Studied under the Reiki Alliance and holds her Reiki Master/Teacher Certificates with IARP with a long lineage of Grand masters Usui, Hayashi, Takata, and Fukumoto. Some of the other areas of her expertise are: Young Living Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Essential Grade oils, Inter-species Communication, Meditation (Alpha, Beta, Theta and Gamma), Soul Coaching & Journeys and Past Life Regressions.

Dona has many certifications some of which are Essential Oils for Animals with Veterinarian Melissa Shelton, DVM, and Inter- Species Communication with Numerous instructors at Both Mims Wild Mustang ranch and Panther Ridge Conservation Center, past life Regression and Soul Coaching & Soul Journeys with renowned speaker author and mentor Denise Linn.


Ley Greywolf


Ley Greywolf is a Spirit Keeper and works in the practice of Buffalo Medicine.  I had the great honor of studying under various Lakota Spiritual leaders, Medicine Men & Spirit Keepers (Shamans) such as:          

Frank Fools Crow a Lakota Medicine Man, as well as other Native American traditional teachers:  Cody Two Bears a Chief and Medicine Man, Rick Two Dogs a Spirit Keeper and Medicine Man, Raven Singing Wind a Geologist, Teton Sioux and Crystal Healer. I am very proud of my heritage.  

Ley does energy healing and is a Native American trained Spirit Keeper. This tradition of healing is highly honored, and is powerful medicine in and of itself, and is often coupled with crystals and healing oils as needed for each specific person and treatment given.

Although traditional certifications on paper are not given to those whose study under Native American Healers we are dedicated and serious about what we do. As leaders we spend years honing our craft before we are given the final seal of approval to perform ceremony or healing work from our Mentors.  In the worldview of the Spirit Keeper, all life forms are interconnected and interdependent. If one species suffers, all others are affected. The health and well-being of humanity is, therefore, dependent upon the overall health of the web of life. A Spirit Keeper (shaman) is also an explorer of doorways – doorways from ordinary reality into non-ordinary reality, portals leading from the physical world into the spirit world. We perceive energy, and spiritual force.

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