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Vibration & Frequency

Every living thing on this planet has a life force of energy.  Energy in its simplest form is vibration.   This vibration or frequency is what keeps the physical body operating.  Each organ has its own specific frequency, these frequencies combine to make up our aura or life force energy. The human body responds to frequencies and any exposure to long term frequency can alter our natural resonance.  There is new research coming out every day on the effects of frequency but little is still understood. 

What is speculated is that it is the amplitude or strength and power of a frequency and not the frequency itself that is what changes our natural frequencies. In other words the strength and power of the energy can over-ride our energy.  If you are healthy and are not exposed to any negative energy you will remain healthy.  But if you are exposed to a negative energy over long periods of time it will slowly bring our energy levels down to match its levels and when our energy level falls below the level of the negative energy it begins to force our frequency to follow.  Hence our frequency drops and it leaves us susceptible to illness and diseases of lower vibration frequencies. 

What research has shown is that when two frequencies combine they create a new independent frequency called a resonant harmonic, that can be of greater strength then the original frequencies.  What this means is that two frequencies with a high energy will combine to create an even higher energy.  But two energies with one high and one low will cancel each other and create a lower energy.  As any scientist knows as an object loses energy it loses the ability to vibrate so the lower the energy the lower or slower the vibration.  The objective is to maintain the higher energy levels to maintain our vibrational frequency.

This brings us to crystal and crystal vibration.  

  • It is a proven fact that the higher an element is on the periodic table the higher its vibration. 

  • When two elements combine they create a resonant harmonic with energy higher than the originals.  As more elements combine the resulting resonant harmonic increases in energy. 

  • The more orderly and coherent the molecular structure of a crystal or stone the higher its vibration and energy. 

  • The smaller and flatter a stone or crystal the higher its vibration and energy. 

  • The color of the crystal or stone will add an independent frequency that affects the energy.


How this relates to Crystal healing is still speculation but they are beginning to find a correlation between crystal energy and its effects on the human body.  Speculation is that when the human body is exposed to the crystal energy over long periods of time it will help raise and maintain our natural energy levels. 

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